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As nurses we give so much of ourselves to our families, jobs, patients, friends and commitments. We pour our hearts in to projects, people and passions. As a Labor and Delivery nurse you are spending hours upon hours a week supporting new moms and families being life into the world. You are holding back hair through vomit, squatting to get heart tones and losing hair over weird strips. You can help deliver a baby, triage an emergency and circulate in the OR like no ones business. You cry tears of joy and tears of sorrow with your patients. You go from helping a mom achieve her first latch to comforting a family when you couldn't find heart tones.


You are a GIVER.


But what happens when you give give give and you aren't being refilled?

You become empty.

You are tired, burnt out, questioning this specialty and even talk about quitting. Bundle Birth Nurses wants to provide a free space for you to refill your cup through encouragement, connection, sharing and learning. We understand all that you go through and we care. Join Justine and Sarah on the 1st of every other month for an hour and a half.


Come find your new community. 




FREE Refill - January 2020
FREE Refill - January 2020
Jan 08, 2021, 8:30 AM – 9:45 PM PST
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