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In - Person & Virtual Support Available

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Why is Ongoing Support During Labor, Birth & Postpartum Important?

- Decreased fear and anxiety

- A more positive, healthy birth memory

- More vaginal deliveries

- Shorter labors

- Less use of pain medication (if that is her desire) 

- Less use of vacuum/forceps

- Higher Apgar scores at delivery (ask me what that is!) 

-Less admission to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

So, you've done all the pre-birth work to get 



You know what to expect & are ready to go...



With so much to remember,

the hospital being a new setting,

and never having gone through it before,

that can feel like a lot of pressure...

especially to your partner!

Build your confidence and decrease anxieties as we work one-on-one to build a relationship, skills and explore your needs/desires for your birth. Whether you're planning for an unmedicated birth or one with an epidural (or anything in-between), I provide hands-on, in-person support for you and your team during your labor and birth both at home and in the hospital. 

& emotionally

Bring an expert along!

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How does it work?

On a first-come, first-serve basis, from the moment of hire until your birth, I become yours! I'm available for questions, updates, or even just someone to talk to about your pregnancy!

At 38 weeks I'm available to meet you wherever you are to help you labor, know when to go to the hospital, help you cope and support you and your partner through  your labor and birth. I stay 1-2 hours after the birth to help with breastfeeding (if that's what you choose) and then follow up with and am a resource to you following birth! 

Know that you are never alone and have tools and resources to fully engage with your labor knowing that you have an expert you can trust and that has your absolute best at heart.

Don't stress, I'm here for you.

Let's make your birth the happiest day of your life.

breathe in  PEACE

                              exhale fear

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