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Bundle Birth Affirmations

Bundle Birth Affirmations

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Surround yourself with the positive, love, and TRUTH about who you are and what you're capable of through these 32 personally scripted, beautiful birth affirmations.

Print, cut them out (4 to a page) and put them up around your birthing room!


Use these visual reminders to set the mood and be my own personal voice to you! Don't forget to tag me @bundlebirth so I can see how you use them in your home/labor room- it makes my LIFE! I hope you are blessed by them! 


Affirmations included: 

I am fearless

I trust my body and follow its lead

I am laboring (especially for you VBAC mommas)

I am a healthy, wise parent

I can do anything for 30 seconds

Flex & Flow (oh yes, of course this one's included!)

I am strong

Just breathe


I am enough

Choose joy

Don't fight it, just let it wash over you

The power & intensity of the contractions cannot be stronger than me, because it IS me. 


It's you and me, we will do this together.

Today, 300,000 women will be giving birth with me.

I allow this contraction to wash over me.

ALL I need is to be present in this moment

I am in control

My body is wise & purposeful

You are not alone

You can do it

This will not last forever

PAIN: Purposeful, Anticipated, Intermittent, Normal

I have everything I need right here


Let go

I choose to release any tension in my body

I am 1 contraction closer to meeting my baby

My body is working for me and my baby

My cervix is opening, & my baby is moving down

The more I relax, the more my body softens & expands


Put them around your house, somewhere where you will see them. You got this! 


    All right reserved. For personal use only, not for distribution with clients or any other personell. 

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