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Hospital Bag Bundle

Excluding Sales Tax

As you can imagine, many of these products appear to be for nurses, but they're also for you! Stock your hospital bag with all the essential Bundle Birth products to help ease your labor, speed it up, help with discomfort and give you options for your birth! 


Bundle includes:

  • Position Guide: Shows various positions to try to help your baby get lower into  your birth canal
  • Labor Warm-Up Poster: use in early labor or during your induction to help your body align and open
  • Birth Ball Guide: know how to use your birth ball
  • Labor Massage Guide (English/Spanish): help your partner know how to massage for comfort and softening. 
  • Flex & Flow sticker: because you're going to be flexing and flowing 😆


Bonus: leave it with your nurses so that they can continue to use with other patients! The gift that keeps on giving!

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