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The Bundle Birth Guide to Using a Birth Ball

The Bundle Birth Guide to Using a Birth Ball

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Curious what all the hype is about birth balls? Learn how to use your birth ball for pregnancy through postpartum with this 2 page PDF download. I show you 22 different positions you can try with your birth ball (PS: a birth ball is just an exercise ball or yoga ball), what size you need and then 4 different times it can be used! 


This PDF is also available with the Coping with Labor class. You will receive a promocode in the download for the cost of this handout to subtract from the total cost of the class if you choose to purchase it after using the guide. No stress! Test it out first! :)


    This page is for personal use only. It is not to be duplicated, replicated, copied or redistributed without explicit permission from the author, Bundle Birth, A Nursing Corporation. 

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