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VBAC Class

VBAC Class

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Did you know that it is NOT, "once a cesarean, always a cesarean"?

Are you considering a VBAC? Overwhelmed by all the info and at the same time lack of info that is "out there"? I walk you through all the stats, risks, benefits, common questions, do's and don'ts and set you up with realistic expectations for what your VBAC could look like in the hospital setting.


I want to empower you with options, and to remind you that whatever route of delivery you choose is your decision to make. But I don't want you making that decision out of fear or coercion. You should be empowered by your decision, confident in your next steps and let go being able to just labor. You are not doing something radical by pursuing a VBAC, you're laboring! I will equip you to have the best chance and most positive birth memory possible. 


Class Duration: 2 hours

Class includes:

  • 10 pg handout with extra resources to help you through the process.
  • Discussion of previous birth - birth processing component
  • Empowering you for this next delivery
  • Why do we care about VBAC?
  • Why avoid a cesarean?
  • History of VBAC
  • Interpreting medical studies/evidence
  • VBAC rates, bans, goals
  • What do the main OB organizations actually say about VBAC? 
  • Liability concerns
  • Why do some women labor then need a cesarean? 
  • Risks of Cesarean vs Vaginal birth
  • What makes you more or less likely to have a vaginal birth
  • Who can have a VBAC? More than one C?
  • Uterine Rupture
  • Who makes the decision?
  • Informed consent vs shared decision making
  • Strategies for dealing with a difficult/resistant provider
  • How to identify if you will be supported in your VBAC?
  • What ARE your chances of success?
  • What makes you more or less likely to have a vaginal birth?
  • Induction for a VBAC
  • How to prepare for your VBAC
  • Other adjunct therapies that help you get that vaginal birth
  • What does the experience look like/how does it compare to someone who has not had a cesarean before?
  • When to go to the hospital?
  • What to pack?
  • Coping options
  • Realistic expectations for being in the hospital including pushing and delivery
  • Brief review of cesarean process
  • BONUS: Perineal Massage Guide, Stages of Labor Cheat, Supplemental Resources/Links, BundleBirth's Birth Plan & Hospital Packing List, Preparation Checklist & more!


I recommend adding on a 1:1 with Sarah and the Coping with Labor Class. Upon payment you will recieve a digital download of the handouts for the class. The link to the class with password is in that document. The document download expires after one month, but the class never expires! Make sure you save your download! 


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