Welcome to BUNDLE BIRTH! BUNDLE BIRTH brings the art of expert compassionate nursing directly to you for your pregnancy and birth. Having attended more than 5000 births, I am amazed by each one. Your biggest moment is my biggest passion. My mission is to bundle you with meaningful coaching, the-real-deal education and support so that you can have a confident, empowered birth experience. 


Don't stress, I'm here for you. Let's make your birth the happiest day of your life.



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Childbirth & Postpartum Education





Nursing Mentorship & Education

[ AKA everything you need to feel confident and ready to go! ]

MEET SARAH, founder of Bundle Birth

I love what I do. 

As a Board-Certified Labor & Delivery Nurse, Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Lactation Educator Counselor,

(aka labor nurse & birth coach) 

I have seen how coaching, education & support can transform your outlook on your birth and help you to have a

positive birth memory.


I help pregnant women & their partners decrease their anxiety about childbirth so they can have a confident, empowered birth experience. I'd love to come alongside and encourage you as you enter into parenthood.  


Bundle Birth is a Nursing Corporation based out of Los Angeles, CA that brings the lost art of nursing directly to you for your pregnancy, birth & postpartum. 

What do we believe about birth?

Sarah came to our home to do Childbirth Classes and she was awesome! Not only is she a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience, but she's a warm spirit who makes you feel like she's a friend you've known forever! If you want to learn about pregnancy, labor, bringing home baby, and nursing, then Sarah's your go-to resource!

The class exceeded my expectations & I feel much more prepared for labor. Sarah is energetic, sympathetic & assuring. I learned way more than I thought I would.

Thank you!

She was able to decrease my anxiety about what to expect for labor and birth, and gave me so much confidence that I can do what my body was designed to do! She literally exudes positivity and empowered me so much to get through each contraction once my labor started. She was only a text/phone call away for any question that I had during my prenatal care, and then when my husband and I just wanted a moment alone during labor she gave us the space that we needed.  Thank you so much Sarah for your heart and dedication.  You really are the BEST!!!

Birth doesn't need to be scary! The more you know, the less anxiety. I learned my role [as the partner] in labor & feel reassured.

Totally worth our time.


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Los Angeles Area?

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"Belief in oneself or one's abilities"

Isn't it a doula? Or is it a nurse?

Learn the requirements and responsibilities of a labor nurse & birth coach.


The ESSENCE of Nursing

"Human care and caring is viewed as the moral ideal of nursing consisting of human-to-human attempts to protect, enhance, and preserve humanity and human dignity, integrity, and wholeness by assisting a person to find meaning in [labor & birth], suffering, pain, and existence. Human caring helps another gain self-knowledge, self-control, self-caring, and self-healing so that a sense of inner harmony is restored regardless of the external circumstances."

Nursing, Scope & Standards of Practice

American Nurses Association

Happy Family


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DISCLAIMER: We do not offer medical advice. If you are seeking an answer to a question regarding your pregnancy, please reach out to your doctor or midwife. They are an excellent resource to you! I will not respond to emails asking for advice or pregnancy questions. Any information on my website, social media or YouTube page is for educational purposes only and should never replace the advice of  your doctor or midwife.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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