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VIPSupport Bundle

Take advantage of ALL that Bundle Birth has to offer and more!

Package Includes: 

  • FREE Consultation

  • Unlimited Prenatal Visits

  • Full Coaching Workbook 

  • LOTS of Helpful Info

  • All my classes

  • Sarah's Essentials (fun stuff to help you labor)

  • On-call at 38 weeks until you deliver

  • Priority presence at labor & birth

  • Postpartum Debrief

  • The After Birth Plan Class & session with Alyssa Berlin

  • In-home breastfeeding consultation with Goldilacts 

  • + more!

Big Bundle

Package Includes: 

  • FREE Consultation

  • 2 Condensed Coaching Sessions (in-person)

  • Access to Online Labor Prep & Medical Interventions Class

  • Birth Ball

  • On-call at 38 weeks until you deliver

  • Second priority presence at labor & birth

  • 1 postpartum visit

Basic Bundle

Package Includes: 

  • FREE Consultation

  • 1 Prenatal Visit

  • On-call at 38 weeks until you deliver

  • Third priority presence at labor & birth

  • Phone/text postpartum support

  • See comparison for more details

More Details


I'm farther along in my pregnancy, is there still time? 

Absolutely! I customize the sessions to fit your timeline of pregnancy and help prioritize sessions to get you there. 


It seems like a lot of money... ??

I get it! Having a baby costs money... and to add another cost to the situation may feel overwhelming. I have worked to make my prices as affordable as possible because I want you to have the support you need. Other experts cost tens of thousands of dollars. Wedding coordinators can cost $5000-$10,000. Business coaches can cost upwards of $20,000. Life coaches can cost $100-$500/hr. Your birth should be the happiest day of your life, not a traumatic one. You will benefit from all-access to an expert and holistic registered nurse for one of the most important seasons/days of your life.

Who is labor support for?

  • Everyone! BOTH men and women. Yes. You are in this together. It is both of your births. It is important to me that you both have the support you need. 

  • Those who are feeling overwhelmed, out of control, stressed or not sure

        where to start.  

  • Those who want to feel ready and confident for their birth. 

  • Those who are willing to put in some time to get ready for their birth and parenting.​

How do I choose a package?

I always suggest the VIP Bundle - because you will get the most thorough preparation possible. If you are 37 weeks and beyond I would suggest the Basic Bundle (because of time). If you aren't interested in doing a ton of prep work and just want the basic basics, the Big Bundle is for you! 

Do you take insurance? Payment plans? 

Unfortunately at this time, I do not take insurance. But because I am providing nursing services your bill should be able to be submitted as a tax deduction for medical services provided. I will work with you to arrange payment that feels best for you. I accept payment plans and prefer cash, Venmo, check or WellsFargo Zelle. If you would like to pay with a card it is an additional 3%.

How many due dates per month do you take? How do I "guarantee" you'll be there?

As with life, there isn't a 100% guarantee, but I do my absolute best to be there. My VIP Bundle clients receive priority birth attendance. Know that I would be DEVASTATED to miss your birth. In the case that I'm with other clients or sick, I do provide a back-up doula (sometimes labor nurse but not always). I only take 2-3 births (due dates) per month and they are first-come- first serve. 

I feel like I have the in-person support I need from my family/partner, can I just do the birth coaching portion?

Of course! Click HERE to learn more. 

How do you suggest I get started?

Let's meet! Before committing to allowing a "stranger" (but hopefully not for long!) into such a vulnerable time, you should feel comfortable and confident in me! I'd love to meet, get to know you and your partner, your desires for your birth and answer any questions you have. Once you decide to work with me, once I receive your deposit and a signed contract, I am yours!

Not what you're looking for?

No worries!

Reach out today & I'll help customize your plan!

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