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Take Your Pregnancy to the Next Level

Learn about birth coaching + my story!

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Having a baby is one of the most challenging and rewarding events that you can go through in life. You don’t have to do it alone! Many times when women get pregnant, you know that you should be getting ready, maybe reading books, going to a class or two, but past that… just wing it?? No!


I have created an 8 session program that will get you and your partner ready physically, emotionally, and mentally for labor, birth and postpartum. I walk you through all that you should learn, practice, consider, buy, read, decide, think about and plan for for your upcoming birth. You may ask, isn’t this basically childbirth education? Yes and no. Coaching takes childbirth education to the next level. You get access to my childbirth and coping classes, but then get to apply what you learned in your class to your unique person, pregnancy, and relationship in a holistic way. In addition, when you have questions arise throughout your pregnancy related to childbirth education, I am a resource to answer those questions and help you navigate discovering your best decisions for your labor and birth. 


Each session is strategically designed to help make sure you are on track for a confident, prepared delivery. I customize your timeline of sessions based on your stage in pregnancy, and then we meet one-on-one, to answer questions, reflect and guide you through the process. I give you my unique perspective and the inside scoop as both a labor & delivery nurse and labor nurse & birth coach (aka doula) to make sure you have evidence-based information and know how to make the best decisions for you. That might not be what you mom or aunt or coworker decided - you are your own person and your own unique birth story!


You will learn to make informed decisions, know what to expect, how to cope with labor, what to do as the support person, have a personalized birth preference list, postpartum plan, feel more at home with the hospital setting, and release your fears about childbirth. I will adapt to your preferences and pregnancy, and will make the entire process as simple and easy as possible. At the end of the 7 sessions (the 8th is after your birth to process the birth together) you will feel ready, excited and set up to have a healthy, happy birth experience. 

"Don't stress. I'm here for you.

Let's make your birth the happiest day of your life."


I have never been a product or company pusher, but Bundle Birth Coaching with Sarah Lavonne is something I whole heartedly believe in and get behind 100%. It was like having a therapist, nurse, life coach, and best friend all wrapped up in one during my pregnancy. This program took a life moment that can be scary and unexpected and turned it into a celebration and something I felt like I could handle. 

Having someone with you every step of the way that has been to over 5,000 births not only gives you confidence but is an amazing resource! This program created a space and time for my husband and I to really connect, bond, and prepare for our growing family. The best part is we were able to do it in the comfort of our own home!

Sarah really brings to light the beauty and joy of birth. I felt like there were so many scary stories or experiences out there and she reminded us each time that this was going to be the best day of our life.


I can happily say that after the birth of my son she was right, and it was all thanks to her program.

It was a true blessing to have her with us on this journey .

Olivia & Thomas, Birth Coaching Clients

Minnesota, USA

How Does it Work?

Once you make the decision to take your pregnancy to the next level, I contact you to get our first meeting set up! Each "week" (depending at where you're at in your pregnancy, sessions are spaced out accordingly) I will send you that sessions workbook - combination of information, videos, worksheets, reflection questions, prep - and then we meet online for 1 hour to discuss, reflect, and I help guide you and your partner using my expertise, empathy & compassion, and nursing knowledge to get you feeling prepared in every way!

Check out a preview of your 8 sessions!

Session 1

Getting Started

Coaching Overview


How it works

Who you are-

Where are we starting from?


Session 2

Pregnancy Prep

Healthy Pregnancy

Doctor/Midwife Visits

Childbirth Education

Book Recs

Pelvic Prep

Normal/Abnormal Signs

Baby Registry


Session 3

Birth Preferences

Birth Preferences Plan

Tips for Birth

Getting Prepared

Cord Blood Banking

Family Values

Trusting Birth

Placenta Options

Breech Babies

Choosing a Pediatrician


*Labor Prep Class

Session 4

Hospital Prep

Everyone's Roles/Whose there?

Connecting with Team

Realistic Expectations

Hospital Tour Cheat

Your Rights

What to Pack

How to Avoid a Cesarean

What Options Do You Have?

*Med Interventions Class

Session 5

Postpartum Prep

The Fourth Trimester




Tips for Postpartum Recovery

Baby Care Tips

Setting Boundaries

Pediatric Visits

Carseat Safety

Safe Sleep

*The After Birth Plan Class

(with Alyssa Berlin)

Session 6


What Does She Need?

Tapping into Yourself

Expectations for Support


Cheat Sheet for Partner

Birth Balls

Music Playlists

Guided Imagery

Essential Oils

Timing your Epidural


Ideal Birth Environment

Birth Affirmation

What is Support?

*Coping with Labor Class

Session 7


Review of 6 Sessions

How to Get your Body Ready for Labor

When to Go to the Hospital

Road Map to Labor

Variations/What Might Happen

Final Prep

Session 8

Birth Debrief

(Done following your birth)

Postpartum Reminders

Postpartum Depression Screen

Birth Debrief

Closing the Memory

Processing Together

Resources & Future Support

Why is Birth Coaching Important?

Any time you embark on any huge life experience,

you hire an expert to help you!

Needing advice and guidance in life? You hire a life coach!

If you’re starting a business, you hire experts!

If you’re buying a house, you hire a realtor!

Getting married? You hire a wedding coordinator!

Needing legal advice? Hire a lawyer! 


Pregnant? You hire a birth coach.


All of those professionals are there to make your life easier, have an expert to lean on, take stress away, not feel like you have to do it alone, and take you to the next level. It is no different with pregnancy and birth!

Happy Family

Between 25-34% of women report their birth as being traumatic. Even worse, between 1.5-9% of women could be diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following their birth. This is NOT OK. I have seen how birth coaching can affect your birth memory and avoid traumatic birth.

You have the opportunity to participate in your birth story. You have options. 

I am with you every step of the way and help guide you to control what you can, find relaxation, surrender to a process that you can trust and be able to make the best decisions for you and your birth.

Ultimately, the final goal is for a healthy mom, healthy baby,  AND having a healthy birth memory. 

- By having support from a partner who feels empowered and confident to step into that role for  you.

- By learning about what can and will happen, understanding and controlling what you can, understanding your options for pain relief and training in coping techniques and mindset.


- By setting realistic expectations for the hospital, knowing how to form a therapeutic relationship with your care team and knowing how to participate in all decision-making along the process…

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm farther along in my pregnancy, is there still time? 

Absolutely! I customize the sessions to fit your timeline of pregnancy and help prioritize sessions to get you there. 

Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink

What if I don't have a partner/am a single mom?

No problem! All sessions will benefit you and are customized to your situation. 

Do I have to be in Los Angeles? 

Absolutely not! Birth coaching is done online from anywhere in the world!

If you are in Los Angeles, the coaching program is included in the VIP Support Bundle, and sessions are mostly done in person. 

Who is birth coaching for?

  • BOTH men and women. Yes. You are in this together. It is both of your

        births. I have designed the sessions do be done together. 

  • Those who are feeling overwhelmed, out of control, stressed or not sure

        where to start. 

  • Those who want to feel ready and confident for their birth. 

  • Those who are willing to put in some time to get ready for their birth and parenting.​

How much time should I expect to spend on the birth coaching session work?

Totally depends on you! You get to choose how deep you dive into the content. The average person will spend less than 1 hour on the pre-meeting content. One-on-one coaching sessions are 1 hour with me!

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Ready to DO THIS?

Let's connect and get going!

No matter where you're at in your pregnancy,

I customize to your timeline so you're ready to go!

Not Sure?

Schedule a Free Consultation Call today! 

Either way you're one step closer to that Happy BIRTH-day!

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