Are you feeling overwhelmed? Maybe you think or have heard that you should be doing something to get ready... but not sure where to start? Maybe when you think about your birth you feel stressed or scared or out of control? You go online and click around - maybe it helps or maybe it doesn't?  How do you even know where to start?

Take a deep breath... I'm here for you and I make it easy!

I walk you through the entire process so that you and your partner can feel confident and ready for your birth. 



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My passion is for you and your partner to feel empowered by your body and baby through your labor and birth. Let's decrease any anxiety you have about the process through accurate, up-to-date and fun education. Over the past 5 years teaching over 400 couples, I have seen them transform from nervous and afraid to relaxed and ready through childbirth education! I uniquely blend my experience as an L&D nurse, birth coach and ICEA educator with clinical evidence to create a transformative experience for you and your partner where you fully understand what's happening with your body. 


VBAC: Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Coping with Labor

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Planned Cesarean Birth

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Sarah also specializes in other birth-related education & offers classes


Baby Care 

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Evidence shows that constant labor support leads to

better birth outcomes & satisfaction.

I want to empower you and your team with tools to help, support and care for you while you give birth. Ultimately, it is important for me to pursue your personal birth preferences and your connection with your partner while I accompany you during your labor and birth so that you can have one of the best days of your life.


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