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Coping with Labor

Labor Prep

Medical Interventions

Infant Safety + CPR

ONLINE, On-Demand

"I felt SO much more confident in myself, my baby and my partner after taking this class. I knew what to expect and was able to flex & flow with the rest!"

All listed classes are available on-demand, whenever, wherever! 

Labor Prep & Medical Interventions Class bundle is the equivalent of a full childbirth class.

I highly recommend taking both. 

Online Labor Prep Class

Feeling overwhelmed with all the info out there about childbirth? Wanting a walk-through of the process in an easy-to-understand, fun and super informative way? LOOK NO FURTHER! :) I got you! You’re invited to an exclusive childbirth learning experience, right from the comfort of your own home! Labor Prep is your "what to expect when you're expecting, start-to-finish, run-through of physiologic birth. Meaning, what happens when you just let your body do what it's supposed to for all the stages of labor. I'll help you understand what's happening in your body, how labor amps up and when it really is GO-time. 


I do teach this class LIVE and ONLINE, but can't make it? No problem! Purchase this previous recorded class and learn whenever, wherever you want! Class includes the Bundle Birth Plan, Packing List, and Stages of Labor Cheat Sheet.


BONUS: purchase once and have LIFETIME access! 


Whether this is your first baby, or you've done this before, cozy up with some yummy snacks, your computer, partner and/or support team and grow in confidence together as I walk you through EVERYTHING there is to know about normal, natural labor and birth!


"I would be honored to join you on this important journey and bundle you with love, education, support and confidence by setting a strong foundation of knowledge from an expert you can trust." - Sarah

Class Includes:

  • Anatomy of pregnancy and pregnancy changes

  • Stages of Labor

  • Breathing techniques

  • Supporting your partner

  • The psychological side of labor/birth

  • When to go to the hospital

  • What to bring

  • Birth preference (plan) development

  • Pushing 

  • Birth

  • Recovery

  • Postpartum

  • BONUS:

        PDF downloads of BundleBirth's 

        Birth Plan, Stages of Labor Cheat

        Sheet & Hospital Packing List

Class Add-Ons Available




On-Demand Coping with Labor Class

Class Bundle Includes:

  • Essential tips to coping with labor​ 

  • Breathing

  • Partner support- what do you do??

  • Positions for labor

  • Tips for keeping labor going

  • Communication with partner/team

  • Use of birth ball, other "props"

  • How to adapt to the hospital setting

  • Rebozo

  • Massage

  • Aromatherapy

  • Creating a labor mood

  • Counter pressure techniques

  • Psychological side of labor 

  • Birth Affirmations

  • BONUS:

         "Drawer of Tricks" Coping Cheat Sheet

           summarizing all you learned

          Positioning for Labor Handout

          Guide to Using a Birth Ball

          Breathing/Relaxation audio tracks

Class is 2.5 hours. ​ Included in VIP Bundle & Birth Coaching. 

Spend customized time learning hands-on techniques on how to cope with and support your partner in labor.

Partners this one’s for you!! You are essential to her birth experience! Let me help you help her. 

decreasing fear & anxiety,

increasing CONFIDENCE

Part 2: ONLINE

Medical Interventions & Cesarean

Labor and birth are normal and natural processes. Your body knows what to do. Sometimes, though, situations arise that may require you to be in the hospital longer than maybe you planned. This class builds off of Labor Prep to talk you through all of the major things that could come up in the hospital setting - tools to help you have a healthy baby/mom and vaginal birth. Understand why certain things may be suggested, learn how to work with your hospital care team and navigate those conversations, make informed decisions and have a baseline of what to expect! 


This class combined with Labor Prep (purchase as the "Childbirth Bundle" and get $ off) equals a traditional childbirth class. Take both previously recorded live online classes and you don't have to take a hospital or group class - do it all from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. <just add on a hospital tour though so you know the lay of the land>


BONUS: purchase once and have LIFETIME access! 


Class includes the Bundle Birth Plan and Packing List. Have questions after the class? No problem! Reach out to me via email and I'll answer them!


Cozy up with some yummy snacks, your computer, partner or support team and grow in confidence together as she walks you through some common variations of normal and interventions used in the hospital setting to help you achieve a healthy mom, baby and vaginal birth. Sarah also discusses when a Cesarean Birth would be necessary and how to make the most of the experience.


"My goal is to empower you with tools to make your own informed decisions and make the hospital experience not seem so scary. I will bundle you with education, evidence, tools, support and confidence by setting a strong foundation of knowledge from an expert who has been there." - Sarah

Class Includes:

  • Your hospital team - whose there?

  • Doctor vs Midwife? What's the difference?

  • How to talk to your team & make an informed decision

  • Setting realistic expectations for safety in the hospital setting

  • Fetal Monitoring

  • Induction of labor

  • Oxytocin

  • Breaking the water

  • Birth Plans

  • Forceps/Vacuum Delivery

  • IV pain medication

  • Epidurals

  • Nitrous Oxide

  • Why do some women need a Cesarean Birth?

  • Process, Recovery from a Cesarean Birth

  • Postpartum Mood

  • BONUS:

        PDF downloads of BundleBirth's 

        Birth Plan & Hospital Packing List




Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Class

Did you know that it is NOT: "once a cesarean, always a cesarean"?

Are you considering a VBAC? Overwhelmed by all the info and at the same time lack of info that is "out there"? I GOT YOU! I walk you through all the stats, risks, benefits, common questions, do's and don'ts and set you up with realistic expectations for what your VBAC could look like in the hospital setting. I want to empower you with options, and to remind you that whatever route of delivery you choose is your decision to make. But I don't want you making that decision out of fear or coercion. You should be empowered by your decision, confident in your next steps and let go being able to just labor. You are not doing something radical by pursuing a VBAC, you're laboring! I want to equip you to have the best chance and most positive birth memory possible. Class includes a 10 pg handout with extra resources to help you through the process. . 

Class is 2 hours. I recommend adding on a 1:1 with Sarah and the Coping with Labor Class. ​

Class Includes:

  • Discussion of previous birth - birth processing component

  • Empowering you for this next delivery

  • Why do we care about VBAC?

  • Why avoid a cesarean?

  • History of VBAC

  • Interpreting medical studies/evidence

  • VBAC rates, bans, goals

  • What do the main OB organizations actually say about VBAC? 

  • Liability concerns

  • Why do some women labor then need a cesarean? 

  • Risks of Cesarean vs Vaginal birth

  • What makes you more or less likely to have a vaginal birth

  • Who can have a VBAC? More than one C?

  • Uterine Rupture

  • Who makes the decision?

  • Informed consent vs shared decision making

  • Strategies for dealing with a difficult/resistant provider

  • How to identify if you will be supported in your VBAC?

  • What ARE your chances of success?

  • What makes you more or less likely to have a vaginal birth?

  • Induction for a VBAC

  • How to prepare for your VBAC

  • Other adjunct therapies that help you get that vaginal birth

  • What does the experience look like/how does it compare to someone who has not had a cesarean before?

  • When to go to the hospital?

  • What to pack?

  • Coping options

  • Realistic expectations for being in the hospital including pushing and delivery

  • Brief review of cesarean process

  • BONUS:

        Perineal Massage Guide, Stages of Labor Cheat, Supplemental Resources/Links, BundleBirth's Birth Plan & Hospital Packing List, Preparation Checklist & more!



Infant Safety + CPR

THE class you need to be able to take care of and keep your newborn (0-12 months) safe. Increase your confidence and trust in your skills as a parent - I'll help you get there! I compiled this unique, 2-hr class to cover essential newborn skills, administering CPR & responding to choking, and also TONS of extra tips to keep your infant safe and healthy!


Purchase once and have LIFETIME ACCESS! Go back and practice as much as you like! The PDF expires after a month so make sure you download and save it, the links will be live!

Class is 2 hours. 


Grab your baby doll or a pillow or even your leg and we're going to practice to make you perfectly comfortable and confident to recognize, treat and respond in the event of mild to severe medical emergencies!

Class Includes:

  • Normal newborn assessment - what to expect (and variations of normal) from head to toe

  • Abnormal newborn assessment - what not to expect

  • Essential newborn skills 

    • Vital signs 

    • Using a thermometer 

    • Prevention & treatment of diaper rash

    • Use of a bulb syringe

    • Giving medications

    • Umbilical cord care/infection

    • Circumcision care

    • Avoiding rashes/skin irritation

    • Recognizing & managing jaundice

    • Identifying normal vs abnormal breathing patterns

    • Safe holding/handling of your baby

    • Tummy time

    • Healing wounds

  • Safe sleep

  • Safe home environment: temperatures, tips for setting it up safely

  • Decreasing risk for SIDS

  • Pet safety

  • Preventing Illness - common mild illnesses

  • Crying

  • Safe baby wearing

  • Administering infant CPR

  • How to manage CHOKING

  • Cardiac emergencies

  • Breathing emergencies

  • Seizures

  • Poisoning

  • Burns

  • When to call your pediatrician vs 911

  • & MORE!

  • The class also includes a 6 page PDF with extra notes, a quick contact form, & algorithm for CPR! This is the class you NEED!

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