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Breathing Beads

Breathing Beads

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Derived from ancient Hindu and Buddhist spiritual practices, breathing beads have been adapted for the Western world and touted for their helpfulness in syncing the mind, body, and breath through focus and grounding. Rolling the beads between fingers serves as a tactile distraction from labor pain, and the practice of counting and sliding beads along the string is a helpful visual reminder and pacing tool to help slow down breathing during and in between labor contractions.

Each beautiful and unique string includes 10 breathing beads, which, when used correctly, should be enough to breathe through a full contraction. Made from tagua nut, a natural, eco-friendly, ivory-like material obtained from the Coast of Ecuador, the stunning bead strings also include hooks that can be used to attach the beads to clothing, bedsheets, or any object in the delivery room.

Hand-made in Ecuador, by Esperanzart, proceeds from breathing bead purchases go to benefit women escaping sex-trafficking, sexual abuse, and other challenging situations by providing job training, community, and income opportunities.

How to Use:

  • Hold the strand in your hand or link it to your clothes, sheets, or another stable object nearby
  • Start at the top bead on the strand and hold it between your forefinger and thumb as you focus on taking a very slow, deep, inhale and an even slower exhale.
  • When you have completed a full breath, slide the bead along the strand up toward the hook.
  • Then move to the next bead on the strand and repeat the process.
  • By the time you have slid all 10 beads to the other end of the strand, you should be through your contraction.
  • Repeat the process to keep your breath steady throughout labor.

Nurses, a great addition to your coping carts. Doulas, perfect for your labor bag.

Ships only to USA and Canada. Nonrefundable

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