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Cervical Dilation Beads for Nurses

Cervical Dilation Beads for Nurses

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You may have seen another nurse reference her cervical beads for dilation, now you can too with this beautiful, neutral 10 cm keychain to connect to your badge, work bag, fanny or elsewhere!


This product was handmade by women in Ecuador coming out of sex-trafficking and harmful situations. This job helps them get out of those vulnerable circumstances and gives hope to a family. Learn more HERE. All of the proceeds of this sale go to these women. The beads are made of local Ecuadorean seeds & stones. Your keychain helps women heal.


How to Use:
Place your first finger on the first bead, then stretch your second finger as wide as you felt inside the cervix. The number of beads that you touch = how dilated the cervix is!

Nails not recommended 😆


Ships only to USA and Canada. Nonrefundable.

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