Hospital Essentials: Birth Preferences/Packing List

Hospital Essentials: Birth Preferences/Packing List


BOTH documents ARE included in your childbirth & VBAC classes. No refunds will be made if purchsed separately.


Need some help putting together a 1-page (which, btw is the research-based recommendation) birth preferences list? I GOT YOU! Follow Bundle Birth's guide to help get you ready and know what your options are for your birth! Bring this completed doc to your provider to make sure you're on the same page! Then... 


Pack your hospital bags! I've given you my curated list- you pack all this and you'll be COMPLETELY prepared for all things! No need to overpack- you do, after all, have to lug all that stuff around the hospital. 


Both docs together will help you communicate with your care team and make sure you have everything you need for that positive birth experience! 

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