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Lavonne Circuit + Physiologic Birth Tips Badge Buddy

Lavonne Circuit + Physiologic Birth Tips Badge Buddy

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This has been a long time coming, but it's here! This badge buddy will make all the sense in the world if you've taken our Physiologic Birth Training for L&D Nurses or doulas, but you can use it regardless to help your practice!


Side 1: includes our famous Lavonne Circuit for your reference on the go!


Side 2: Reminds you of all of the physiologic components that need to align to have a vaginal birth. Reference how to assess each one and nursing interventions to help adjust & align each system! It also includes how you turn a patient based on where the baby is using our Physiologic Birth "rules" - least path of resistance (open positions) and gravity (stacked) rules - to help know how to choose a position to rotate the baby the right way to OA!


Not sure what any of that means? Grab your badge buddy here and bring it to class! Check out the Live Events page for more info and dates!


The Lavonne Circuit Badge Buddy is a HARD COPY – it will be shipped to you – NOT a digital download.


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Ships only to USA and Canada. Nonrefundable.

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