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We make your transition to parenthood FUN!


Hello, this is Jammy, your postpartum RN. I am so excited to start this journey with you! From the moment you found out you were pregnant, you experienced a level of excitement, joy, fear, and love that you did not think was possible! I know because I have been there too!


I will come alongside you and the beautiful new family that you have created with love, encouragement, and professional skill and guidance. As a nurse, I will provide you with medical care and knowledge to help you and your newborn prevent complications, teach you new tips and skills for your parenting routine, and keep your family safe. I will help you learn to identify and trust your parental instincts as you guide your postpartum experience. Ultimately, I want to decrease your anxiety by being a therapeutic presence, help ease your transition and emotionally, physically and mentally provide the education and support you need to have the most positive, confident postpartum period possible!

I'm here to empower you, not replace you! Let's chat!

With love,



Why Do I NEED Postpartum Nursing Care?

Happy Baby


Having reliable, consistent, dependable help during the postpartum period has been proven to reduce postpartum depression, increase breastfeeding goals, and help new moms and partners SLEEP! Parents are able to bond more effectively and enjoy their baby! On average, North American families live further apart or often don’t have the gift of multigenerational family members to support new moms or moms with new babies. Partners also don’t get enough family leave time, this leaves moms with the stress and burden of healing and having to care for their newborn alone.  

Research shows that women often feel “abandoned” by healthcare providers after they give birth. There is very little, if any, follow up from your medical team once you get home, and yet, you are still healing! We want to assure that you avoid complications and readmission to the hospital, stay on course with breastfeeding, sleep, have the skills and safety to care for your newborn, maintain connectedness with your partner and support your mental health!

Are you into the research as much as we are? Check out these resources!

  • New Mother's Speak Out: national survey results highlight postpartum women's experiences (FULL TEXT) (CONCLUSION only)

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