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We make your transition to parenthood FUN!


Hello, this is Jammy, your postpartum RN. I am so excited to start this journey with you! From the moment you found out you were pregnant, you experienced a level of excitement, joy, fear, and love that you did not think was possible! I know because I have been there too!


I will come alongside you and the beautiful new family that you have created with love, encouragement, and professional skill and guidance. As a nurse, I will provide you with medical care and knowledge to help you and your newborn prevent complications, teach you new tips and skills for your parenting routine, and keep your family safe. I will help you learn to identify and trust your parental instincts as you guide your postpartum experience. Ultimately, I want to decrease your anxiety by being a therapeutic presence, help ease your transition and emotionally, physically and mentally provide the education and support you need to have the most positive, confident postpartum period possible!

I'm here to empower you, not replace you! Let's chat!

With love,



Why Do I NEED Postpartum Nursing Care?

Happy Baby


Having reliable, consistent, dependable help during the postpartum period has been proven to reduce postpartum depression, increase breastfeeding goals, and help new moms and partners SLEEP! Parents are able to bond more effectively and enjoy their baby! On average, North American families live further apart or often don’t have the gift of multigenerational family members to support new moms or moms with new babies. Partners also don’t get enough family leave time, this leaves moms with the stress and burden of healing and having to care for their newborn alone.  

Research shows that women often feel “abandoned” by healthcare providers after they give birth. There is very little, if any, follow up from your medical team once you get home, and yet, you are still healing! We want to assure that you avoid complications and readmission to the hospital, stay on course with breastfeeding, sleep, have the skills and safety to care for your newborn, maintain connectedness with your partner and support your mental health!

Are you into the research as much as we are? Check out these resources!

  • New Mother's Speak Out: national survey results highlight postpartum women's experiences (FULL TEXT) (CONCLUSION only)

  • What’s the process look like to work with you?
    If you are interested, let us know! We will reach out to schedule a phone or in person consultation so that we can determine if we’re a good fit and learn your postpartum needs/concerns. Once you decide to book, we will send you an online e-sign contract and postpartum questionnaire and you send us the deposit! With the Baby Bundle, the dates you chose are guaranteed. We will schedule your prenatal visit (which is included) around your 35-36 week of pregnancy to discuss routines, plan for your hospital stay and day of discharge, check that you have the essentials for your new baby, and establish clear expectations of myself and the care I will provide. I ask that you notify me when you are in labor, and then once you deliver so I can set up my time in the hospital with you! I will join you once you’re settled in the postpartum unit and begin supporting you to establish new routines like sleep (for mom and partner), breastfeeding (if you decide too), shuffling visitors, preparing for discharge by collaborating with your hospital medical team for a safe and seamless transition home. Once we’re home we begin using our signature Bundle Birth Postpartum Logbook, continue fine tuning routines started in the hospital like sleeping, breastfeeding, and parental self care, while incorporating your unique care plan developed by me to help prevent or mitigate any complications that might arise.
  • Why do we start working with you in the hospital, rather than when you get home?"
    Postpartum starts the second you give birth! Once you give birth and the medical staff determine that you and your baby are healthy, their goal is to get you discharged! Your hospital nurse will be caring for 6 other patients besides you! We, as your registered nurses(RN) will be able to collaborate with your hospital RN and supplement the excellent care they will be giving you. We provide one on one care to assist with rest, establishing your new routines (yes that early!), bonding and breastfeeding support (if that’s what you chose). Just like during your pregnancy, we want to be there from the start to help take away your fears and anxieties, prevent complications, and advocate with you so that you get the care you need to ensure that your transition from the hospital to your home is seamless and stress-free as possible.
  • Do you care for multiples/high-risk (babies with medical conditions) newborns?
    Yes! As a registered nurse, I have the training and expertise to care for high risk babies. My take on multiples is “more to love and snuggle, YAY!!!”.
  • How do you care for the mom during your time?
    Our view is “Healthy MOM, healthy family”! Taking care of mom is my first priority! As your nurse, I will perform medical assessments that allow me to prevent or mitigate any complications that might arise physically, mentally, and/or emotionally. Complications like postpartum depression which can afflict both moms and dads, infection from your cesarean section, high blood pressure, or sleep deprivation (to name a few). The passion and goal behind providing postpartum care is to help you create or maintain the harmony of your family while giving you the support and expert guidance you need to feel confident and bond with your newborn.I am also additional comprehensive support that can take care of your entire family.
  • How long do clients typically hire your for? How do we decide how long?
    This is totally dependent upon the needs and wants of the individual client. Our professional recommendation is that comprehensive nursing care is most vital in the first 4 to 8 weeks of postpartum. This is a very delicate period while your body is healing, you are adjusting to your new lifestyle especially breastfeeding, and need tons of confidence building support so that bonding with your precious little one is surrounded by happy healthy memories.
  • Do you teach any postpartum classes? Can I meet you before we work together?
    Absolutely! I teach in-person Infant Safety & CPR and Baby Care classes and they are a great way for us to meet and interact prior to working together! I also am available for online or in-person interviews so we can see if we are a good match and I can answer all your questions!
  • How do "guaranteed dates" work and can we extend our care with you?"
    When you sign the contract you choose the date range that you would like to be guaranteed for you. If you deliver earlier than those designated dates and we are available, the date of care can start then. If another client has guaranteed dates during that time, we are obligated to finish with them and will begin your care on the date you elected. If you deliver after your guaranteed start date, you can utilize some hours for nursery set up, assistance with interviewing a nanny, or shopping for baby care items, if you choose. You can also elect to amend the contract start date (once you deliver) with your RN to a later guaranteed start date, your end date will stay the same, with the option to extend given RN availability. Extensions past your contract end-date are based on RN availability but absolutely something we are willing to discuss.
  • I already had my baby? Can you still help?
    YES! This is an inclusive service to all types of families. We are here to respond to those that maybe didn’t anticipate needing postpartum help but now that you are in it, recognize you do! Maybe you need help getting over the hump of your partner going back to work? Maybe your spouse is going on a work trip? Maybe you need a date night and feel more comfortable with the elevated care of a nurse? We are here to help you during this transition in whatever way you need. We recommend you taking a look at the Hourly Care Bundle. No family is immune to the stressors of having a newborn - we will build your confidence in your abilities and instincts, support you in your choices and assure that you have the expertise you need to have the most harmonious and positive experience possible.
  • How does payment work?
    Once you decide to book, there is a non-refundable deposit that locks you in my calendar and goes towards your last hours of service. We accept payment via credit card (additional 3%), Wells Fargo Zelle, Venmo, check or cash. If you elect the Hourly Care Bundle, payment is due at the end of the work day; if you elect the Baby Bundle, payments are due bi-weekly.
  • Do you offer medical advice, prescribe medications or can you be my primary provider?"
    I work in collaboration with your primary care provider (OB GYN, pediatrician, Family Doctor and/or Nurse Practitioner, or Midwife). As a nurse I can only make recommendations, I am not licensed to give medical advice beyond my nursing scope of practice, which means I CANNOT provide a medical diagnosis, medical treatment plans, and give medication orders. I can give medications to any member of your family with a doctor’s order and create client specific care plans that tailor to the needs of you and your newborn(s).
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